Manage, analyse, report on and answer,
“What are people saying?”
Turn your stakeholder contributions into insights.
Combine qualitative text and quantitative data into
meaningful understanding & actionable reports.
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Easily import your existing data
Converlens can import your data with ease, and supports data exports from a wide variety of survey apps and data tools.
Label & Code to organise everything
Create your own structure to track and filter by semantic (e.g. climate), meta (e.g. important), functional (e.g. needs review) and structural (eg. legal-dept) labels and tags.
Filter & Query
Ask real questions of your data and explore the underlying connections, using filters, categories and codes to examine exactly those segments you"re interested in.
Powerful search tools for docs & data
Dive deep into submissions and documents with advanced text matching, and Related Terms search that finds “similar concepts” within your data.
Themes, key phrases, quotes, context
Get rapid insights to the critical topics and concerns being expressed, without having to read through mountains of submissions. AI powered natural language tools to help shape your analysis and get a feel for what"s being said.
Analyse, visualise & report
Dive deep with our visualisation tools to see things like the clusters and groupings of the discussion, sentiment changes, and cross-data analysis toolsets.
Transcription for all data
Data in a mess? We provide a full data transcription service to get your handwritten forms, scanned documents, and recorded audio into digital text, ready for analysis.
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Need help quickly?
Do you need fast insights on your mountain of data? We can help.
Our Data Analysis Team can work with your data to identify key themes, distribution of discussion topics, supporting quotes, sentiment analysis, and weave this into any categorical data you provide.
Get a custom report from our expert team
with the option of 72 hour priority turnaround.
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