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Converlens is the consultation and survey platform chosen by leading engagement teams dealing with quant & qual feedback
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Join us for the first in our four-part series on better engagement in government:

Four tips for better engagement

The work to solve public policy problems is getting harder. Here are a few ways to make things a bit easier.

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Mastering the art of policy development

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Dealing with what peoplesayis complex

Converlens is the engagement insights platform built for handling quant & qual data. Built-in transcription, search and filtering tools, tagging and text-coding will organise your data. Our sharing and publishing tools enable your team to contribute and provide visibility for your executive.

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Uncover themes, trends and topics to inform policy design and executive decisions. Find out why more teams are making the switch to Converlens.
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Explore some of our projects

  • National Electric Vehicle Strategy

    The National Electric Vehicle Strategy is a key initiative of the Australian Government for increasing the uptake of EVs to reduce emissions and improve the wellbeing of Australians. The Strategy sets out a vision for electric vehicles in Australia and a plan to get there. Converlens was used to collect and manage over 1,700 submissions, and provided the analysis and reports on over a million words of content.
  • Review of the Reserve Bank of Australia

    The Review of the Reserve Bank of Australia set an objective of identifying how to make the RBA "the world's best and most effective central bank into the future". Converlens designed and hosted a customised consultation portal, assisting the RBA to collect and analyse the contributions for the review, which went on to inform the RBA's strategic plan.
  • Deparment of Climate Change (DCCEEW) consultation hub

    The Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water (DCCEEW) is responsible for the development and implementation of the Australian government's policies and programs in relation to climate change, energy, environment and water. The Department selected Converlens for its consultation platform, to collect, manage and analyse all of the department's engagements.
  • Indigenous Voice to Parliament

    The Indigenous Voice project is a key government initiative into the role and say of Indigenous Australians to government. Converlens worked with the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) to collect multiple rounds of feedback for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, assisting with key capability development to support the analysis and reporting for the project. The process was led by the Minister for Indigenous Australians, the Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP, and the Minister for Regional Health, Regional Communications and Local Government, the Hon Mark Coulton MP.
  • Developing Australia's Space Industry

    The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Industry, Innovation, Science and Resources adopted an inquiry into developing Australia's space industry. Converlens was used to import documents and submissions from the hansard, and then to organise, code and analyse both the qualitative and quantitative data collected, ultimately developing a report that synthesised the responses into a report as part of the ongoing effort to form Australia's Space Industry strategy and roadmap.
  • The APS Reform

    The Government is developing an ambitious and enduring plan for Australian Public Service (APS) Reform, putting people and businesses at the centre of policy and services and ensuring the APS acts with integrity and fairness, leading to a more inclusive Australia. Following on from the work Converlens did as the consultation provider for the original APS Review in 2019, Converlens has been brought in as the consultation platform to provide data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities for the APS Reform project.
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    From custom landing pages, data collection options, transcription and importing, to analysis and reporting. Converlens can help you to get the most out of your next consultation.
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