We are Converlens.

Converlens is an Australian based technology company specialising in qualitative analysis.

Converlens started its journey back in 2017 when it worked with Australian Federal Government on the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) "Digitally enabled community engagement in policy and programme design" challenge. The BRII challenge linked into OGP Australia’s first National Action Plan.

Deploying artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a smart layer of qualitative natural-language processing techniques (NLP), Converlens assists people to excel at managing the submissions and communications process.

A snapshot of what we do.

Since 2017 Converlens has grown into a company that operates across federal, state and local government. We get involved in a broad range of projects across the world with a mission to support our clients with the complex task of collecting, managing and analysing data so they can focus on gaining insights.

Independent Review of the Australian Public Service

In 2018 the Australian Federal Government established an independent review to ensure the APS was fit-for-purpose for the coming decades. The review was one of the largest reviews of the Australian Public Service undertaken in recent decades and Converlens played an integral role in capturing, managing and analysing data that informed the final recommendations.

OGP Summit 2019: Breaking Barriers: Achieving Sustainable, Transparent, and Efficient Outcomes with Artificial Intelligence

Converlens was invited to speak at the OGP Global Summit held in Ottawa Canada. The objective of the session was to provide participants with a deeper understanding of applying AI in government through a rich and insightful conversation, and a splash of healthy debate. A key focus was the importance of AI transparency and accountability to citizens.

Modernisation of the Victorian Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs)

RFAs are important agreements between the Australian Government and states that establish the framework for the sustainable management of forests within each RFA region. The Modernisation of the Victorian RFAs consultation included 135 written submissions and 733 survey responses, with more than 330 people participated in face to face discussions. Converlens was engaged to help analyse and report on this data which informed the of the renewing of the previous RFA’s which expired on the 31st of March 2020.

Review of the Melbourne Declaration

Throughout 2019, the Education Council of Australia ran a substantial consultation that reviewed the Melbourne Declaration which was established in 2008. Informed from the insights gained from the consultation, and built on past declarations signed in Hobart, Adelaide and Melbourne over three decades, Education Ministers established The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration in December 2019. This declaration sets the strategic education goals for Australia and Converlens was proud to enable the online consultation for the review.